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Will You Need a Temporary Anchorage Device during Your Orthodontic Treatment?

Posted on 3/20/2019 by First Impressions Orthodontics
Will You Need a Temporary Anchorage Device during Your Orthodontic Treatment?]In order to properly move a tooth, an anchor is necessary on the other end of an applied force. In some cases, this anchor is another tooth, but using another tooth as an anchor can create stability problems, as the anchor tooth might move as well, leaving both teeth in an undesirable position.

If using an anchor tooth isn't an option to get your teeth moving into the right position, you may need a temporary anchorage device.

Reasons for Using a Temporary Anchorage Device

A temporary anchorage device may be recommended as part of your orthodontic treatment option, as these appliances can:

•  Eliminate the need for using a tooth to serve as an anchor
•  Stabilize a tooth that is being used like an anchor
•  Provide an anchoring point where tooth anchorage might not normally be available

There are a variety of great benefits associated with using a temporary anchorage device. These appliances can reduce the amount of time needed to complete your treatment, and they could be used to replace headgear. TADs can also close an open bite without the use of surgery, and if you are wearing traditional braces, you likely won't need to use elastic bands to connect your upper and lower teeth.

Getting your Temporary Anchorage Device

A TAD is similar to a dental implant in that it is a tiny, screw-like device that is placed into the jaw bone. However, they won't integrate with the bone, allowing them to be much easier to remove once your treatment is complete.

Placing the TAD is a minimally-invasive procedure that is usually free of pain. The area will be numbed, but you might feel a little pressure as the TAD is inserted. In total, the process may only take a few minutes to complete. Best of all, most people feel completely fine after the procedure, and a TAD will require minimal maintenance.
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