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Things to Never Forget When Cleaning Your Retainer

Posted on 5/30/2019 by First Impressions Orthodontics
Things to Never Forget When Cleaning Your RetainerYour retainer always has to be cleaned in order to remove any bacteria that can cause problems in your mouth. When it comes to taking care of not only your retainer, but your oral health, good hygiene practices are a must.

Always follow the instructions given by our office for the care of the retainer and any other oral appliances that you get from us for the care of your mouth, gums and teeth. Learn what you should never forget to do when it comes to cleaning and caring for the retainer that you get after your braces have been removed.

Things You Shouldn't Forget
Your retainer can house a number of germs and bacteria. Due to this, it is important that you clean it according to the instructions given by our professionals for the best possible outcome. You want to always avoid high heat temperatures, including hot tap water as this could melt or warp the retainer. You never want to use harsh chemical cleaners on the retainer, since this can also cause health problems.

Time how long you soak the retainer for. You don't want to soak for too little, or too long of a time. Always make sure to clean your case and your retainer at the same time, so you don't contaminate each with the other. Replace the retainer and the case as necessary. You don't want to keep using the old ones because this can cause further issues in the mouth.

Ask Us for More Information

For further information about caring for your retainer and keeping it in the best shape, speak with us here. We can provide you with more information about the retainer and the care of it. We can also make sure that the retainer that you have is in the best shape for keeping your teeth straightened.
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