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What Age Should Braces Really Begin for Kids?

Posted on 6/30/2019 by First Impressions Orthodontics
What Age Should Braces Really Begin for Kids?You may have been told that your child needs braces for their crooked, overcrowded, or overlapping teeth. While this is meant to help improve your child's overall appearance, it will leave you with a whole host of questions that are important to have answered.

When Should My Child get Braces?

There's no specific age at which your child should get braces. Some children will get them at 6-years-old while others won't get them until they're in their teens. There are also children who get them somewhere in between those ages and other people wait until they're an adult. As long as you and your teeth are healthy, you can still get braces. Sometimes you may need to get them twice because while your teeth were once straight, they're now forming a crooked, overcrowded smile.

How to Know Your Child is Ready for Braces

There are many ways to know when your child is ready for braces. First, you must determine if your child's teeth are noticeably crowded, crooked, or overlapping so you'll know if your child even needs braces. It doesn't matter if your child has lost all their baby teeth yet and has a full set of permanent teeth in their mouth.

Sometimes braces are necessary as an act of early intervention that can be used to fix certain problems. This is typically used for children who have developmental issues in regards to their teeth and their jaws like spaces between their teeth, or extra or missing teeth.

Preparing Your Child for Braces

It's important for your child to understand what's going on. This is why you should make sure that your child is beyond their toddler years. You'll want to discuss with them what they can expect. Sometimes braces are painful, so your child will need to be prepared for this and to take good proper care of their braces too. When you feel your child can do this, you'll know they're ready for braces.

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