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How Long to Expect to Wear a Retainer Following Traditional Braces

Posted on 7/15/2019 by First Impressions Orthodontics
How Long to Expect to Wear a Retainer Following Traditional BracesA perfect smile takes work. This is one of the reasons why you may need to wear a retainer after we remove your braces. Doing so will help ensure that your teeth remain straight. The length of time that you'll be required to wear your retainer will depend on a few different things.

Reasons for Wearing a Retainer

A retainer helps ensure that the work your braces did continues to stay “in place.” This is why retainers are custom-made to fit each individual person's specific needs. Although you can take them out, they're still meant to be worn at least 95% of your day – only taking it out to eat.

Doing so will help your teeth settle into their soft tissue and jawbone, where they're “housed.” Over time your teeth will try to naturally shift and this will ruin all the effort and money you put into wearing braces. Since you don't want this to happen, make sure you wear your retainer.

Caring for Your Retainer Properly

Taking care of your retainer and your teeth won't be nearly as challenging as it was when you were wearing braces. However, you can't afford to neglect regular, proper maintenance of this device. When you're wearing a fixed retainer (a.k.a. permanent retainer, one that's bonded to the back of your lower front teeth) you'll need to have regular checkups in our office. This helps keep your teeth clean from tartar and plaque while also being on the lookout for any cavities.

Other retainers you can remove and clean with a denture cleaning tablet or some water mixed with vinegar.
As you wear your retainer you're bound to have some questions and concerns arise. When they do, you should know that we're here for you. Give our office a call and we'll help answer these things for you. If necessary, we'll even schedule an appointment that's convenient for you so we can properly address these things.
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