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Do Braces Help if You Have an Underbite?

Posted on 9/20/2019 by First Impressions Orthodontics
Do Braces Help if You Have an Underbite?Cleaning and maintaining a healthy, strong and beautiful smile can be a challenge, especially if you are a child who is faced with an orthodontic issue such as an underbite.

However, we are here to help today. First of all, we want to offer you help since early detection is key in correcting an underbite. Second of all, underbite correction is not the long and tedious process that it used to be.

Understanding the Underbite

Believe it or not, having an underbite is not uncommon as it is estimated that one in ten children has this condition, but what is it? An underbite, also known as prognathism, is what happens when the jaw is misaligned so that the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth. Depending on the severity of the condition, it can appear that the teeth nearly meet, or it can seem like your child's lower jaw is pushed forward.

While this may seem like it is not a complicated problem, it can lead to complications with your child's oral health later in life, such as speech impediments, difficulty eating, sleep apnea and even TMJ pain. Another major complication is that people who have an underbite tend to breathe with their mouths open. This causes the mouth to become dry, and the bacteria begin to eat away at the enamel of the teeth quickly.

In our office, we can help you correct an underbite by using orthodontics. After a complete exam to determine what exactly the cause of the underbite is, we can recommend some options for you or your child. These range from orthodontics to widen the jaw to head gear worn to correct the alignment and in some severe cases surgery.

If you or your child is suffering from an underbite, there is hope that it can be corrected with orthodontics, so give us a call today and schedule a consultation.
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