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Extractions for Orthodontics

Smiling blonde girl with bracesOur primary goal when treating our patients is always going to be giving them their best, most attractive, and healthiest smile. That is why it comes as a surprise to many of our patients that we do occasionally have to extract a tooth that may otherwise seem healthy to help facilitate orthodontic treatment. There are many reasons that we may have to remove one of your teeth, whether they are contributing to crowding or you have malocclusion (problems with the fit of your teeth), but you can be confident that when we here at First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults do remove one, we are doing it with your wellbeing and comfort in mind.

Why We May Remove a Tooth for Orthodontic Treatment

Before we begin discussing the various reasons that we may want to remove one of your teeth for orthodontic purposes, please first banish any ideas in your head that we are the type to just casually extract teeth from your mouth. We like to take a cautious and conservative approach to dental extraction to not only make sure that the tooth being removed is medically necessary to proceed with the procedure but that it will also help contribute to the best possible outcome for your treatment.

One of the main reasons we may advise a tooth extraction is when your teeth are overcrowded. Overcrowding occurs when you do not have enough jawbone space to sustain your teeth, or that your teeth are otherwise too large for your jaw. Overcrowding can cause dental impaction, which is why we may have to remove any extra teeth. We may also advise orthodontic treatment, so we will have to remove any excess teeth so that the braces can successfully give your teeth the desired positioning.

Dental crowding not only can hinder orthodontic treatment to help give you even and straight teeth, but overcrowded teeth can also lead to teeth that protrude. Not only can this be unattractive, but it can also elevate your risk of damage to the tooth. We may recommend removal of that tooth to help facilitate realignment of your remaining teeth.

When your upper teeth close over your bottom teeth too far, that is a condition known as an overbite. A severe overbite can lead to problems with your dental profile and impair your quality of life. Sometimes, patients notice that their bottom teeth are scraping the roof of their mouth, causing lacerations and other problems. Biting, eating, and chewing can become difficult. In the case where one of our patients suffers from a severe overbite, removing teeth can help us provide orthodontic treatment to help with the realignment of your teeth. This will give us space to help ensure your treatment is successful and can improve your smile and your overall comfort.

How We Can Help

We understand that getting a tooth extracted is not the highlight of your day, but please know that when we do remove a tooth, we are doing it for a very good reason. Furthermore, we will work to ensure that you experience no discomfort during this procedure. In the long run, it will help you have you attain a healthy, beautiful smile. To learn more about extractions for orthodontics, or to set up an appointment with us here at First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults, please give us a call at (203) 307-0996 today!
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