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Protecting Your Braces

Man smiling with braces from First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults Many of our patients come to us in search of a beautiful, healthy smile free from bite and alignment problems. When they can begin orthodontic treatment with dental braces, they are excited and happy to be finally working toward that goal. Dental braces are an investment in your future smile, and it is understandable to want to protect that investment. That is why we here at First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults would like to share with you some solid advice about how to protect your braces and keep your orthodontic treatment on track to help you attain your best smile possible.

Taking Precautions While Playing Sports

Mouth guards are an essential piece of sporting equipment. They can help protect you from a wide variety of injuries that could occur from playing sports, such as impact to the face or mouth from a teammate, opponent, or even a piece of flying sporting equipment. If your sport leaves you prone to falls, you will also want to wear a mouth guard.

While mouth guards are critical to help prevent tooth loss, chips, and damage to your teeth, they are especially necessary when you have braces. Not only can you protect yourself from accidental cuts, but you can also help prevent damage to your braces.

Do Not Skimp on Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing are an integral part of your daily oral hygiene routine, but with braces, it can be tricky. Food particles can get trapped between the wires and brackets, and failing to keep your teeth clean while you have braces can lead to serious complications later on down the road. Not only can you be more prone to tooth decay, but you can also wind up with white calcium deposits on your teeth that wind up staining them. Acid erosion can also harm your braces, etching them and compromising them.

Watch What You Eat

You already know to be careful about your diet when wearing braces, but that is not just because certain foods can be tricky to remove from your braces. Certain foods should be avoided while wearing braces, not only because they can get trapped, but because they can damage the wires and brackets. Sticky candies (like caramels and toffees) can harm the wires, and foods like corn on the cob can also accidentally break them. Instead, try to reach for foods that are softer or less sticky or sharp when wearing braces.

Stay on Top of Your Appointments with Us

While it is rare that your braces can be damaged, it is very important that you do not miss any of your appointments with us while wearing them. Not only is this important to help protect your teeth from decay that can occur while wearing braces, if your braces get damaged, but we can also quickly assess it and replace the damaged part.

Getting dental braces can be a very exciting time for you, but you will want to make sure you do everything you can to help protect them from damage. By protecting your braces, you are protecting your investment and helping to ensure your happiest, straightest smile. To learn more about braces and how to protect them, or to set up an appointment with us here at First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults, please give us a call today at (203) 292-9595.

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