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Why Choose an Orthodontist?

Two teenagers smiling, one with metal braces from First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults and one without Not all dentists are the same. In fact, as orthodontists, we have several years of extensive training to help us have the knowledge and the skill to address any issues you may have with your bite and dental alignment. While a general dentist may be able to help you if you need a cleaning or a filling, for more serious issues with the alignment of your teeth, you need to turn to us. We are a specialized type of dentistry that focuses specifically on your bite and we here at First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults can help you with any concerns that you may have with your malocclusion.

What is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a type of dentistry that focuses on bite and alignment concerns. Instead of focusing on general dentistry, instead, our area of study is much more specific. While we are a type of dentist, we have taken three to four years of extra training that a general dentist does not have. This makes us able to diagnose, prevent, and treat any issues that may arise with your dental alignment.

What is Malocclusion?

The way your upper and lower teeth fit together is called occlusion, and when they do not fit together properly, then you may have issues with malocclusion. A healthy mouth with good dental alignment has teeth that fit together well, with the top teeth flush or slightly over the lower teeth.

Malocclusion can include concerns with teeth that are crooked, overcrowded, have uneven gaps and spaces between them, or simply fit poorly together. Poor dental alignment includes conditions like an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite, and an open bite. Sometimes malocclusion is caused by genetics, but in some cases, it can be caused by missing teeth, injury to the teeth or jaw, and tumors. Childhood behaviors like sucking their thumb, or using a pacifier, can also lead to malocclusion.

Why Choose an Orthodontist

Your teeth do so much more than just keep your smile looking pretty and whole. They can also support the structure of your face, keeping it looking full and youthful. They also play a direct role in your speech, and issues with them can make it hard to speak clearly. Problems with your dental alignment can make it harder to bite and chew, and if they remain out of alignment, it can be more difficult to keep your teeth clean. This can lead to future tooth loss.

As your orthodontist, we understand all the nuance of your teeth and their alignment. Keeping it healthy is our goal. We can quickly assess any concerns that you may have and help create a treatment plan for it. Some dental concerns are more complex and, in turn, need advanced care. We can help determine not only what the issue is, but also what is causing it and how to treat it.

We want nothing more than to help you feel happy and secure with your smile. While improving your bite and alignment are always our primary goal, we also want you to feel confident when you share your smile with the world. To learn more about what we here at First Impressions Orthodontics for Children & Adults do, or you are ready to set up an appointment with us, please give us a call today at (203) 292-9595!

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